Jenny Pfanenstiel named the Featured Milliner of the 146th Kentucky Derby®

1009 E. Main Street Louisville, KY 40206

Creating quality, handmade hats for all seasons and occasions.

Hat Repair



Do you have a hat that needs some life brought back into it? We re-block and reshape hats that have lost its original shape. We can also resize hats to be bigger or smaller from its original size.   

Replacing Materials


Has the sweatband in your ancestors hat started to crumble? Do you need the outside band or feather replaced?  We can take an older hat and replace bands and embellishments to be like new again.



Do you have a hat that hasn't been worn in awhile and needs a refresh? We can clean and brighten up hats by removing dirt, dust and some stains. 

Please contact us to set up a time to meet with us to discuss your specific needs of your hat(s). We will let you know at the time of your visit what we will be able to do to bring your hat back to life.