We are honored to collaborate with some of the world’s most remarkable brands within the racing and fashion industries.  A great hat cannot only change your day; it can change your life, and it is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to expand our love of hats with the following companies.

Hat Boxes USA



Hat Boxes USA is committed to providing environmentally-friendly hat boxes that are made with superior quality, durability, and that are collapsible for easy storage.  We have partnered with America’s leading recycled packaging company to create our custom shaped boxes.  Each one is 100% recycled.

One Stop Shop

A one stop shop for all of your hat protection needs.  Whether you are a person who loves to wear hats and you need a box to store them in, or a business that sells hats and you want to provide your clients with a high quality hat box.  We are passionate about the hat industry and cherish the craftsmanship that goes into making a hat.

Hat Protectors

Don’t get caught out in the rain or snow with your beautiful hat and take the chance of it getting ruined. Sometimes bad weather can come when you least expect it.  That is why Hat Boxes USA offers a compact hat protector you can easily carry in your handbag.  Perfect for fascinators and brim hats that secures under the chin with a soft satin ribbon.

Please visit website for box sizes and pricing.